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Fri, Dec. 3rd, 2004, 09:23 pm
adam42: well... So I did throw me into creating this community...

Welcome to this newly opened community for people interested in every aspect of ubiuquitous computing...

My hope is - of course - that it will grow and grow in size as time goes on; so please tell your friends, who are interested in ubiquitous computing (-:)...

Fri, Dec. 3rd, 2004 09:52 pm (UTC)


I'm a Ph.D. student at UCLA working on ubiquitous computing projects! This is great.... We've needed a real LJ community!

Fri, Dec. 3rd, 2004 10:24 pm (UTC)
adam42: welcome!

Hi Bellwethr,

I'm quite surprised: This community is like 2 hours old and we already 5 members... Way to go...